We are trained and certified in the Shepherd Method of strand-by-strand lice and nit removal treatments.

Lice Treatment Prices

Head Lice Inspection

$ 20 / Head Lice Checks
  • Our technicians will carefully inspect the hair and scalp for lice using the most effective methods.
  • If lice or nits are found we recommend treatment.
  • The Head Check is FREE if a lice treatment is provided.

We will show you the evidence of infestation.

Lice Treatment

$ 160 / Standard Treatment
  • We are Shepherd Method Certified and guarantee removal of all lice and nits.
  • Immediate Family receives a free Head Lice Inspection.
  • We remove each nit and louse by hand, one strand of hair at a time.
  • Includes 2 FREE Follow Up Visits

Services are covered under Flex Spending.

May be covered under Medical Insurance.

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head lice removal

Professional Lice Removal and Lice Treatment

We offer Lice Removal, Lice Treatment, Nit Removal, Nit Treatment, Head Lice Treatment and Head Lice Removal Center in the Denver Metro Area, 100% Guaranteed, Be Lice and Nit Free in One Treatment!
Our experienced and meticulous technicians are extensively trained by the Shepherd Institute research facility.

What is the Shepherd Method?

The Shepherd Method strand-by-strand technique that manually removes the nits. It’s an extremely thorough process, which requires many steps. We use a safe non-toxic product to help loosen the eggs. Next, we do a thorough comb-out with our lice and nit removing comb. This step removes most of the bugs and eggs. Finally we examine each strand of hair for any missed nits, and then do another final round of combing using oil.

Strand-by-Strand Approach Removes Lice and Nits

Our certified lice removal treatment specialists use the proven Shepherd Method to remove all the lice and nits no one wants left behind. This process is more effective than any other treatment. Although there are some products and hot air services who claim they kill all nits, nothing takes them off the hair strand without manual removal. Not doing so leads to re-infestation, but even so, do you want hair with dead lice and live nits or hair with NO lice and NO nits?
To learn more visit http://www.shepherdinstitute.com

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